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Circassian Chicken Easy Chicken Recipes

Circassian Chicken Easy Chicken Recipes


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Circassian Chicken Easy Chicken Recipes
  • * 1 whole chicken (whole chicken from a 10ki maybe you can get to more of a salad)
  • * 2 slices of bread
  • * 1 large onion
  • * 1 teacup of oil
  • * 1 tablespoon full of pepper sauce
  • * 1 medium potato
  • * 5-6 cloves of garlic (There could be more to taste)
  • * 1.5 cups chopped walnuts (he put more than the normal Zeri's aunt. About 3 cups)
  • * Salt, cilantro, red tozbib is

Yemek Tarifi
  1. Saute the onion in a little red pepper paste
  2. Stir the chicken pieces into the overall abundance of boiling water on the floor a little fry in this way, and cook until the meat is tender way (into whether COULD garlic), meat is removed from the water after the cool scrutiny
  3. If using a whole chicken is soaked with water, we cook the chicken within two slices of bread
  4. Mixed boiled potatoes and moistened bread
  5. Walnuts, garlic, coriander, salt, bread, potatoes, was stirred put into the robot (you can put in 2 cups of chicken broth into my against the flour on a sample of the robot, if more liquid is required in dribs and drabs from the water if bi salad desired thickness as added until, but what of the Circassian chicken in materials each other very often holding the net in each bi kopusup leave my kivaa are available. If the consistency of the mixture is reduced by placing the broth if too thick)
  6. This mixture into the bowl of shredded chicken meat is taken and blended threads
  7. Pepper and drizzle over superheated oil
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