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fancy Marshmellow

fancy Marshmellow


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fancy Marshmellow
  • 1 package marshmellow
  • 1 Package blackberry jelly
  • 10-15 Quantity largest toothpick

Yemek Tarifi
  1. Large steel in a pot, fill it 4-5 fingers warm water, we sit them down on the steel pan, we put on medium heat.
  2. So aim above pans are exposed to direct fire, steam in the bottom saucepan slowly get warm.
  3. put our chocolate into the ceiling, wooden stirring spoon (bain-marie method) are melting
  4. We put them on skewers with marshmallows dipped in chocolate until midnight, much of it down to that, in a jar, we put upright on the pot or foam.
  5. Wait 5-6 minutes for the chocolate intake, we spit on candy. (If you can wait out the heavy flow of liquid chocolate to come)
  6. Expect dry without making contact anywhere.
  7. If you wish to wrap the tiny bag, wearing ribbons can decorate or presentation, you can decorative pots you place foam like me.
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