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Findikli Sugar Pie Dough

Findikli Sugar Pie Dough


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Findikli Sugar Pie Dough
  • Sponge on the materials:
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups water Sugar
  • Half package Butter
  • Baking powder
  • Vanillin Sekeri
  • Milk
  • Fame

  • First whisk the egg whites separately until the point that the most important tips pandispany the foam in a container.
  • Egg blonde on the whisk sugar continue to stir whisk the sugar will stir unless a definitive kivaa I continue to whisk, add the melted tereyagini, mortar light sulanacaktir.kabart the powder and to Solidification vanilla Put the sugar by again.
  • Stir in flour eye decision insofar doing some milk supplement.
  • Add eggs field of influx will be a solid dough and the dough eat egg carefully from a flash.
  • More CIVIK have achieved solid non dough more olacaksiniz.yaglanmis floured mold the publication pulp 130 degrees for about 50 minutes after pisirin.sisip widened toothpick control edin.sogu after bicakli 2 eat more Kabardino if 3 is divided and according to your desire like a fruit wish findikli Whether made cake cikolatali vanilla want what you want.
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