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Halley Biscuit pastries or pies

Halley Biscuit pastries or pies


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Halley Biscuit pastries or pies
  • 2 pack of 10 biscuits with Halleyan
  • 2 inches of pack
  • 2 cups cold milk
  • 1pcs Dr.Oetker chocolate sauce
  • If you want to decorate on the almonds

  1. Thoroughly whisk together milk and whipped cream in the
  2. Lift Sogi be on the closet
  3. Halley biscuits chop into cubes
  4. Whisk to mix thoroughly and santa of Sogy
  5. Silicone or regular cake pan on the stretch foil spend the
  6. Mold on the beautiful mix of broadcast and placing the
  7. Lift to the fridge
  8. Prepare as above Ready chocolate sauce packets
  9. Pour the sauce just before from service Garnish with sliced ​​almonds
  10. so you want to slice and serve
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