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How Roasting

How Roasting


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How Roasting Roasting Recipe Preparation
First heated pan, tallow and meat is taken and then we take the lamb to the pan of a period of melting and melting beklenir.yag we cook 8-9 minutes in the blazing fire.

A whole onions to improve the taste and nutritional value of meat roasting pan from the light we get chopping.

We continue to braise on low heat.

One of the most important tricks to do is to add the final roasting salt and spices.

There’s meat hardening effect because the salt.

Also, if scorch lamb smell bothers you, you can add the bay leaf.

Bay leaves will smell a pleasant aroma of meat and meat will fold.

that we cook on low heat, add some thyme and paprika to the meat and continue to cook until tender.

Finally, add the salt, we service.

If you have not rested or beef, add 1 cup water and continue to cook a little meat after roasting.

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