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Mosaic Cake Different Directions

Mosaic Cake Different Directions


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Mosaic Cake Different Directions
  • 1 Piece simple sponge cake.
  • 1 chocolate sponge cake.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Cardboard.
First, let's cut to obtain the shape of the board of the circle in the picture, then slit her than the radius of a circle. It should be equal from the range of public

  1. First, let's stop, let's cross-sponge like in the picture and get 2 pieces of cake evil.
  2. Then again, if I cut the sponge is equal distance from the ring as in the picture.
  3. Then a chocolate sponge cake, including a simple Let's put intertwined.
  4. Amongst them a thin layer of whipped cream or paste filling crawl.
  5. and the outer cover in the same way.
  6. If you wish to decorate your. It's that simple! Bon Appetit…
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