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Oktay Usta Dome Pumpkin Pie

Oktay Usta Dome Pumpkin Pie


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Oktay Usta Dome Pumpkin Pie
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 p. whipped cream
  • 1 tea b. milk
  • 1 kg pumpkin
  • 2 water b. granulated sugar
  • 1 cup walnuts
  • 1 p, jelly

  1. a part of the sponge cake covered with stretch film
  2. gently put your hand into a round glass bowl
  3. pressing a receiving pit sağlayın.dig
  4. side of the pumpkin from the pumpkin steam pişirin.piş
  5. Pass filter separating the two spoons. sugar
  6. Take the pan and cook until lightly sararınca. This sugar
  7. mashed pumpkin and walnuts add these into the mix
  8. Fill state sponge into the pit. sponge
  9. Bring to a donut shape by cutting the middle of the second part.
  10. Place this part of the honey mixture over zucchini. eliminates
  11. Place the round on the part of the cover.
  12. Prepare the way of the rest of whipped cream milk flapping.
  13. Remove the pit bowl upside down cake. Taking two
  14. Spoon into the prepared previously pumpkin puree
  15. Stir in the jelly. Coat the cake with this mixture over.
  16. Make whipped cream and decorate with whole walnuts.
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