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Drop person's Pie

Drop person's Pie


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Drop person's Pie
  • 1 3-storey six ready-made cake
  • 2 packages capicinol and part chockolate germ ole
  • milk
  • 100 gr.tuzsuz pistachios
  • nescafel to soak the cake or reconstituted milk or coffee liqueur

Yemek Tarifi
  1. Crem ole package prepared as described in milk but less koyalım
  2. I made a mistake, but you put two bags of 1 liter of milk was less juicy sheep.
  3. Put the first floor of our muffin plate ıslatal and pistachio cream on the term I'm fıstığıyayal
  4. Put the second part of the same process can preserve.
  5. After placing the top floor of mabel I got my geek heart chocolate to decorate all sides, but we can decorate the top with cream Is chocolate rendeleyipd to normal ..
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