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Raspberry Cake Directions

Raspberry Cake Directions


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Cocoa and Vanilla Cake Ingredients for the recipe
4 one egg
1 tea cup granulated sugar
1 tea cup vegetable oil
1 tea cup milk
3 tea cups flour
1 packet of baking powder
1 packet of vanilla

For the above:

1 packet of chocolate whipped cream
2 packages of chocolate pudding
1 packet of chocolate biscuits pötibör

I çırpal like mixing bowl until soft and sugar Let the snow. Milk adds and oil continue to stir.

Sifted flour, baking powder until the mixture and add vanilla üçlüsünü I çırpal consistency. Consistency should be the consistency of cake batter normal.

Let's throw on a greased baking tray and leave to cook on my 170-degree heat.

Let us leave to cool on a wire rack of the oven let's get after making over pink when toothpick test.

We cook the pudding in the meantime (based on recipe basis) cake comes out on the first temperature dökel I (cake should be cooled down) Let's leave to cool a row of chocolate biscuits diesel up today.

I çırpal with a glass of milk when it cools down and whipped cream on the biscuits term with the help of a spatula. We had the top of the rondo 4-5 biscuits I's spread all over the screen with the help facing. You can offer 4-5 hours after the service.

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