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Strawberry cake

Strawberry cake


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Strawberry cake
  • 300 gr. savoy biscuits
  • 500 gr. Strawberry
  • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 1 bag with whipped cream
  • 1 glass of water Milk

  1. Biscuits, a bowl round hole, place the bottom and edges to cover.
  2. Pull the strawberries and powdered sugar in blender.
  3. Beat whipping cream and milk together.
  4. on the biscuits in the mold, a layer of whipped cream, put a layer of cream, strawberries, place the biscuits on again. the remaining whipped cream on the biscuits publication Apply cream on strawberries. Close to superior savoy biscuits.
  5. Strawberry Cake 2 – 3 hours, then waited in the freezer reversing taken to a serving dish.
  6. Decorate the cake with strawberries served to make them cream.
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