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Super Rose shape of the Sweet Poga

Super Rose shape of the Sweet Poga


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Super Rose shape of the Sweet Poga
  • 3 su.bar.sicak water
  • 1,5 su.b. liquid oil
  • 2 grain yeast
  • 4 meals kas.sek
  • 1.5 eat kas.tuz
  • 3 egg whites (on the hug)
  • In the IC on the white cheese with parsley

Yemek Tarifi
  1. In a little more yeast dough yogrulurkulak breast expected CIVIK my kivaa
  2. tangerine-sized glands taken on after arriving yeast
  3. Do not forgot to oily hands when this process with canola oil
  4. such as mutual scratches are thrown knife in the picture
  5. Material is placed on the middle and given shape by combining laughed as the picture
  6. covering a damp cloth are stacked on the tray 1 hour more mayalanms is expected,
  7. After widened egg yolk and bake at 200 degrees sprinkled with nigella seeds
  8. costs more is happening is not great pogacal
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